Geeks II

I’m going to try recommending at least one cool thing each week, both as an exercise and to remind myself how many cool things are out there waiting to be experienced. Here’s a few to start:

GOLDEN AGE FLASH ARCHIVES VOL. 2 by Gardner Fox, E.E. Hibbard and Hal Sharp. Reprinting FLASH COMICS #18-24 and ALL-FLASH COMICS #1-2, these 1941 stories feature the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick versus Chinatown Tongs and Spider-men from Mars!

MARVEL MASTERWORKS: ATLAS ERA TALES TO ASTONISH VOL. 1 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Steve Ditko, Don Heck, Al Williamson and Joe Sinnott. Reprinting TALES TO ASTONISH #1-10 from 1959-1960. Monsters, aliens and the pipe-smoking scientists who fight them. Shame on you for what you’re thinking.

I love old comics, especially if they’re bound up in hardcover with an intro from Geek/Scholars who know more than I do. These are 50 bucks each and due out this Wednesday.

The Ultimate Isley Brothers CD. I saw this for ten bucks new on Amazon. Good deal.

The Truth with Jokes by Al Franken. In case you aren’t furious enough over the unspeakable filth currently occupying our Executive and Legislative branches. Every time I think I can’t despise the Bushies more than I already do I find a book like this one that lays out the past five years like the entrails of a diseased goat. With jokes.

Geek Humor!

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