Waking Up with Dianne Feinstein

Here’s her editorial in today’s LA Times.

Here is the second letter I have ever written to an elected official:

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I just read your editorial in this morning’s LA Times.  I remain utterly repulsed by your rationalizing of the indefensible.  Water-boarding is either torture or it is not.  Torture is either legal or it is not.  We stand against it or we do not.

Confirming a man for Attorney-General who refuses to state these obvious truths is indefensible. You say Mukasey is not Alberto Gonzales.  True.  His evasions are better phrased.

You clearly are willing to tolerate the continuing practice of torture in our country. I am not and I will do everything in my power to remove from office those who would.


John Judy
Los Angeles

But for my commitment to keeping this blog workplace-safe I would say more.

But that’s why I have MySpace.

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