June 3rd Election: Additional Information

Two very good websites have been brought to my attention regarding the Judicial candidates:

The League of Women Voters SmartVoter Guide which interviews the candidates



The LA County Bar Association’s page which rates them either Qualified, Well-Qualified, Exceptionally Well-Qualified, or Not Qualified.


That stuff is good to know and tipped me to voting for one guy I’d been on the fence about.

There’s another website I found that rates Judges based on their “Activism” vs. “Commitment to Constitutional Principles.”  I’m not going to link to it because I recognize the code words of the right-wing nut jobs and don’t want to give them any traffic.  The best thing about their site is their system is so confusing that even their sympathizers won’t be able to puzzle out their intent.  Keep up the good work, boys!  “Heckuva job!”

Other than that, I’d say beware of the Voter Guides appearing in your mail box.  Many of them are not Official Dem Voter Guides and they are required to say so in the fine print.  As far as I know these are just paid advertising from various candidates who couldn’t affortd their own individual mailers.

Gotta do what ya gotta do I guess, but it sure smells bad when you’re sticking actors in fireman and cop costumes on your phony “Virtuous Peoples Democratic Voter Guide for Public Decency and Safe Puppies” mailer.

For the record, I’m just an unpaid citizen shmuck doing his best to make the right call based on my liberal Dem beliefs.  Anyone wishing to pay me may do so via PayPal, assuming you’re not a candidate and that doing so would not constitute a bribe.  Not that I’d ever tell…

I’ll conclude by thanking those readers who felt compelled to comment either here or by private e-mail and encourage everyone to get out and participate this Tuesday.  All the calls I made in my previous entry seem to have held up in the intervening week or so since I posted them, but I’ll repeat the ones that stand out as especially crucial:

NO on Prop 98 which abolishes rent control.

YES on Prop 99 which reins in eminent domain without abolishing rent control.

YES on all the otherwise uncontested Latino male judges who are under attack by Crazy Racist Preacher Ronald Tan of Culver.

And a huge GOD NO NO NO!!! on Office #125 Judicial Candidate Bill Johnson, the “corporate lawyer” who wants to ban all non-whites from the United States.  Vote for James N. Bianco or be prepared for a future with lots of polka music.

Yeah, you should be scared….

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